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Monday 11 June 2012

In the Sun

As well as the Index Card a Day challenge I am currently taking part in, I have decided to do two other online courses, one of which started today and it is called 'In the Sun' by Natalie Malik.  This is a free - or donate what you can - journal course which also ran last Summer.  I was going to start doing this years (it was such fun last year) but remembered I hadn't quite finished doing all the prompts I started last year - so I am going to do those as well! (phew!)

Which is what I started doing today, this prompt from last year:

'In the Summer time I feel...'

There was a tip suggested to use with this prompt, about using the waste that is left behind when you use a shape punch.  I used that prompt and also multi-layered my punched flowers and shapes.  It turned out to be quite a challenge working out which layers I needed to glue and in which order.  
I'm also not normally a flowery type of person, but I can live with these simple daisy types! ☺ (and it is, after all, nearly Summer!) 

For my IDAC challenges, I made this one:
which was created by sticking down the wrappers from some 'Starburst' (I still like to call them 'Opal Fruits', much better name!) sweets.  Note if you ever have any, the green ones are really sour! :~O

 The second one I made, yesterday's card, was this:
Which I created by multi-layering the foam stamps I made last November (see here)   By using a Memento black inkpad to stamp them it created quite an interesting texture, like wax crayon.

Plenty more crafting to do today, best get on, I have another course starting tomorrow too! 

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Fab index cards (again) and good luck with your new course. I'd love to do one, but just never seem to have the time :( x

Snap said...

Wonderful ICADs ... love using the wrappers and your stamps. Fun!

Unknown said...

thanks for leading me to the In the Sun course! I like your candy wrappers card, good idea :)

Terrie said...

great collection of cards - cool that you used your own stamps!

Jackie said...

Great cards, love the variety you have!

Maggie said...

I haven't seen that type of Starburst wrapper. Very cool. Funny that's the first impression I had! Your cards are great, as is your summer project. I think our rain is finally behind us.

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