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Sunday 24 June 2012

In the Sun & ICAD Catch-up

Oops, I forgot to update my latest activities here. I have been posting them to flickr on each of the group sets and forgetting this poor old blog.  Must remedy that immediately!

I have 2 index cards from ICAD to show you (and I've still got another 2-3 outstanding, must get on with those!)..

 This one (above) was created by cutting up an old accounts exercise book that I did at school over 30 years ago (we didn't have to write our exercises like that, I just chose to).  I also didn't make all those ink splat messes then, I added them when I made this card.  A few added magazine pictures of coins and a distressed edge with a red ink pad completed the effect.
For this one I used a single piece of coloured lined paper and ripped it up.  I stuck down the pieces and folded back the ripped line.  A black ink pad was smeared over the top randomly and also some white tippex in places was added to tone down the black.  To finish off I ripped a bit more to show previous layers with my nails whilst it was drying.  (This one does have quite a lot of depth but the scanner has flattened them). 

* * * * *

I have three pages from 'In the Sun' to show you but there is another one awaiting scanning.
This was the one that I did my image transfer.  The suggestion was to use a black and white picture but when I looked I didn't find any suitable images.  Luckily this blue toned one worked just as well.  I followed the instructions I gave you in my previous post and it took quite a while to do as it was a big image.  

(Technique note:  When the image transfer dries, you will probably find it has still left a white layer on the image, for this you need to get some more water on your finger and rub again. (And keep doing this, every time it dries with white on.  Try not to rip the paper).

Point of Interest Note:  That advert for the Mars chocolate was a copy from a book dated from the 1940s, wartime.  The small print says,  "Zoning now restricts Mars to the Southern counties.  So here's hoping for quick victory  - and plenty of Mars for everyone - everywhere."

* * *

For this second one we were asked what we wanted to achieve by the end of Summer.  Rather than list everything individually, I put it all in one sentence:

Lastly, a slightly silly one:
(click to enlarge)
(Picture is of me at a stall at the Peace Festival)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Wow you've been busy! Such neat handwriting in the book!!! Your image transfer has worked really well and I love the blue tinge.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend

Claire x

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