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Monday 25 June 2012

Shadows, Lots of Shadows

One of the mini projects we were given to do as part of Natalie Malik's excellent 'In the Sun' course, was to make ourselves (& take photos of) some shadows.  This proved to be quite difficult for me here in the UK, because the sun doesn't like to 'put it's hat on' very often! 

I did manage it by running in and out of doors everytime the sun came out!

Here are the black clouds taking over the blue!

Even when I was out there, it would suddenly cloud over, leaving me patiently waiting for the sun to make a reappearance. I had to be very quick with my camera.

I got my boys to help at first and they posed with some accessories on for some shadow shots:
..and then we started looking for interesting objects that would make good shadows:
This one is of course, a cullender.
..and a tennis-type of bat.

Rain stopped play for a while and then I found some more objects:
(Lace from Gauche Alchemy)
(The material known in the US as Burlap, I think)
Even the grass itself gave an interesting, simple shadow

All in all, despite the hiccups, it was a fun little project for a sunny day.

A couple more pages of my journal for 'In the Sun'
We were shown a video of 'Holiday' by Vampire Weekend and asked to do a page on the design elements we got from it.  I was going to choose something about someone from a different area coming into an environment that was totally alien to them - like 'Crocodile Dundee' - but couldn't find suitable pictures so I used this graphic element instead.  

Finally today, another page we were asked to do was to list our daily routine:
The background suggested was to cut magazine strips out and add washi tape inbetween, which is what I have done.  The blue is blue sky and appropriately for me, the grey is a photo of a wet surface.  Just like the Summer we are having at the moment, blue, grey, blue, grey...

I have written my routine on here but its not for prying eyes (its also a bit dull, must put MORE art in, lol)

Right, after that mammoth post, I need to get on with my dull routine creating lots of exciting art!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Am loving those shadow pictures, especially that lace!

I'm with you on the MUST DO MORE ART :D

theboelemas@aol.com said...

Brilliant shadow pictures - love the burlap. The grasses look awesome too - may have to borrow this idea and do something with it (lightbulb moment)! x

stefani said...

Love those shadow pictures!

bedroom ideas for young women said...
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