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Monday 4 June 2012

Damp Diamond Day

What a washout the Queen's Jubilee street party celebrations have been here in the UK today! (Sunday) Non stop rain all day and all evening too!

One of the very wet street party decorations
(Those of you that follow me on Twitter may have seen this earlier)

We came back early from the one we attended today because it was so wet and cold.  But it wasn't all bad as I popped in to visit an artistic friend of mine.  Her house has so many interesting things on display.  Want a look?...

...Thought you might! ☺

This friend of mine makes all these fabulous mosaics herself (the bottom left picture is of her workshop in the garden) and her partner makes and teaches stained glass.  I always feel so inspired when I visit and it reminds me of the work of Ranger's Melting Pot Creator Suze Weinberg (love her blog by the way, take a look here).   My mosaic making friend doesn't have a blog, unfortunately - I ought to persuade her as I'm sure it would be fascinating!

Finally, I made today's ICAD (Index Card a Day) on a Jubilee/London theme.  I tried a technique I had spotted on pinterest which was to make a rubbing of a cuttlebug texture plate and then paint over it.  I used a rainbow coloured wax crayon and painted the sky with Blue Twinkling H20 (watercolour paint).  I typed out some journaling and then added some outline rubber stamped images of London. 
 Those of you in the UK do enjoy the rest of this long holiday weekend, whatever despite the weather. 

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Maggie said...

Sorry the weather is spoiling the celebrations. It all looks like such fun. Love your new card!

furrypig said...

it was a wet day wasn't it! So glad we didn't try to go to London to see the flotilla! I love your index cards they are such a good idea.

Carmen said...

Tell her, tell her, tell her to start a blog! That shed is amazing!

It was very wet here too. Though we had a reprieve of a couple of hours so Craig got his BBQ, the girls were literally just finishing up by toasting some marshmallows when it started again. Talk about luck.

theboelemas@aol.com said...

Oh she must start a blog - fabulously talented.

It started a bit damp here and then we had brilliant sunshine all afternoon and into the early part of the evening. However, it's just started to rain here now and looks like it's set for the day :(

Love your index card, I tried that technique and failed epic-ally, so well done.

Claire x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks, crafters. Just to say my index cards were very cheap, @£1.20 for 100 in Tescos. They are very thin though so if you want to paint on them its best to stick some thicker paper on top.

To Claire - the wax technique I used was VERY simple - just do a simple rubbing (the type we did at school) onto printer paper. ☺

Nicky x

Kitchen worktops guy said...

Yeah, the Jubilee was very, very damp. Bless her, the Queen looked like she was still having an okay time!

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