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Friday 29 June 2012

Camping this Weekend!

...Must be mad!  The weather has been absolutely dreadful here since I made those shadow photos last Sunday.  When I say dreadful, I mean Sun, Rain, Sun, Rain, changing every few hours - still, I shouldn't complain, areas of this country have suffered terrible flooding and I know there are parts of America that have horrific fire storms.

We go every year camping at this time, a group of about five families and we make the best of it whatever the weather!  This time we are only half an hour away from home, so we can come back easily enough if it is too bad.  

Whilst I'm on, here are my catch up posts from my online courses:


Best get on, need to pack all our umbrellas and wellies for this camping trip.
Have a great weekend,


Carmen said...

Bonkers. That's the only thing I can say ;)

Loving your ICAD's but especially your journal pages :) Love that Routine one!

theboelemas@aol.com said...

Yep with Carmen on this one - completely bonkers!

Fab cards and pages - love union flag umbrellas.

Enjoy your trip.

Claire x

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