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Friday 15 June 2012

Quick, rush outside, the sun is shining!

For some of today, the sky was a glorious blue so I wasted no time in taking advantage of it and went out and about with my camera on a mammoth tour of my local town, Royal Leamington Spa (no less!)  I didn't intend to walk quite as much as I did but there were so many exciting things to photograph and, well, we don't get the sun every day! 

Here are some of the pictures I took of some of the 'posh' buildings:

And they are posh...One of the houses on the bottom right photo (I think) is used as the outdoor set for filming the tv series, 'Upstairs, Downstairs'. 

There's some lovely architectural details on these buildings and many have fabulously ornate wrought iron balconies.   

This collage is of some of the little details I spotted on my travels:
I thoroughly enjoyed myself, hunting out all these interesting details and will definately be doing lots more of this kind of thing when the weather starts behaving itself for more than half a day! 

It is true what they say though, you don't need to go far to find inspiration, just take a look in your local town, city or village -  you'll be surprised at what you can find!  

* * * * *

To finish off today's post, I have a couple of Index Cards of the Day to show you from earlier this week:
 One of our optional themes was 'Chaos'.  The quote in the centre is from the scientific book on Chaos by James Gillick.

The background was created by painting a layer of gesso and then 'swooshing' it around with a textured sponge.  It was then dried with a heat gun and rubbed over the top with assorted colours of Artbars.

* * * * * * *

I'm off to the local Peace Festival tomorrow,  loads of things to photograph there too, weather permitting!

Thanks for looking and for any comments.
Have a great weekend,


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