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Tuesday 19 June 2012

Another go at Image transfer

It's time to show you the last four cards from my ICAD course.

Two of them were Peace Festival themed, which made sense as the cards represent those days.

The first one is this:
Which was created by photocopying a book cover about festivals and painting over the top of the feet with inks and paints.  I also hand drew the Peace symbol.  A colourful piece of washi tape for the date  matched its 'hippy' theme. 

 The second was this:
A simple photo of some earrings that were for sale.  I'm wishing that I'd bought some of these too (sigh!) ...
One of the ICAD optional themes was Swirls so these fitted it perfectly.

Getting back to Friday, my card was this:
Yet another optional theme was to doodle our name.  For this doodle I used Red & Black Sharpies and some see-through graph washi tape.  I do so love grids! 

The last card to show you was yesterdays:
..and this is the one I used an Image Transfer technique on.  Our brief for Natalie Malik's 'In the Sun' journalling course was to do an image transfer so I thought I'd  use my ICAD to do a practice one first.  I followed Natty's instructions and it worked well on this glossy Vogue picture.  The hand coloured effect was also part of  the brief and Marilyn was coloured in using a red Sharpie, a blue felt tip and a yellow Artbar. 

This was it in progress:
Rub, rub, rub....and rub some more.
(I used Golden's gloss gel medium)
Note: I dried mine quicker using a heat gun and found it worked well.

Whilst waiting for the other one to dry I decided to try another image transfer technique  This one kind of went wrong:
(But I like it!)

I was going to try using Cellulose thinners (outside of course) as my transfer chemical but when I put it on the magazine picture it dissolved and spread the ink.  This is the result - a happy accident! Yay! 

I made another transfer for my 'In the Sun' page but as I have shown you more than enough today I'll go ahead and show you that .....tomorrow!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Wow you've been a busy bee! Love you Marilyn transfer and what a fab happy accident you had! I really must try an image transfer technique out - of to have a rummage thru my stash to see what I have available :D

Carmen said...

Loving your ICAD cards, all of them are fabulous and so different!

The happy accident is great too - love that effect.

ptrish40 said...

Super Cards!

Maggie said...

I've been playing with image transfer lately also, mixed results. I'll have to look up the technique you used. It looks great! Love those painted feet too. All of your cards are wonderful.

Sarah said...

oh wow, I (as Thursday Next)commented on your peace fest cards over at Flickr assuming you were American and the festival was "over there" somewhere

I didn't realise it was the Leam one! I used to live in Leamington back in the 80s. And then in Cov for many years. I've been to lots of the peace fests although not recently as I live down in Wiltshire now.

Love your "happy accident" with the magazine image by the way

take care


Jackie said...

Very clever!

Andria said...

Love that first card...looks great! And your image transfer came out awesomely well. It's always kind of a toss-up how it is going to turn out.

Anonymous said...

Nice transfers, your icads are great fun, love the hippie feet.

Dianne said...

your cards are really cool...getting transfers to work is amazing. not a strong suit for me. yours turned out great!

Natasha said...

Love all the different cards, stunning work. And the happy accident was a good kind of accident to have. The effect is great.

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