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Tuesday 16 August 2011

Alter Ego

Out there in  Blogland a lot of people seem to be winding down their Summer projects.  I've seen Halloween crafts and even some for Christmas!  Well, not me!  I'm still holding on to Summer until at least my children go back to school which, for most of us in this country, is in September.  I'm still eagerly awaiting our exciting train and plane trip to Italy and Denmark in a week's time, so look out Legoland here we come! 

Meanwhile, I've been continuing the Summer Scrapbook/Journal that I started recently with another prompt from the 'In the Sun' free journalling course.  Link to today's prompt here.

Today's prompt was about your Alter Ego and this was mine:
  (Always loved the colour combination of hot pink, black & white!)

This is what the writing says:
My regular readers may remember I wrote recently about how I would like to dress in a more creative way (see post here).  At least that is something I can do something about - unlike losing 20 years in age and growing another foot or so! ☺

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for any comments,
(they are always appreciated)


theboelemas@aol.com said...

Fab pages. Have a great holiday x

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