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Saturday 20 August 2011

Summer Dating

I'm still on rapid catch-up mode for the In the Sun journaling course that I've been doing recently.  I won't be able to catch up completely though because the course is finishing very soon.   

Today's exercise, prompt #08, is about 'Summer Dates.'  The question was, 'as a couple, where do you like to 'hang out' in the summer time?'

This is a detail of the left hand side of the page:

My husband and I very rarely get to go out together, just us, but this week we managed it when our boys went away with their grandparents for a few days. As a couple,we both agree that it feels odd just walking down the street without our boys, because it is such a rarity. We tend to just go to a local pub or restaurant, or maybe a cafe for a meal when they are not with us but sometimes we might do the other things that I've put on my list (above) too.  

On the right hand side of the page, I've put a picture of us taken a long while ago, when we were dining out. I remember that it was somewhere exotic, like Zakynthos or Cyprus, so it was a Summer themed picture which fits in with the theme.

The bottom picture is a photo of a piece of artwork that I did on a small piece of plastic with some stamps. 

  Whilst in progress with this page I thought it was looking a bit 'teenagey' so I played around with the lettering and swirls to make it less so.

This is the finished page:

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