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Sunday 14 August 2011

Creative Flourishes 'Shop'

This picture is of a shop, anyone recognise it?:
(And no, it doesn't normally have 'creativeflourishes' written on its side)

This is another shot of it:
It is in fact the Selfridges shop in Birmingham (which some of you may have recognised?)  It's an amazing structure, coloured blue and covered with loads of silver discs.  The entrances are on the ground floor and also inside the shopping centre that this is a part of, around the other side.   I've been to Birmingham several times now, but this building is so incredibly different to look at that it always makes me want to get my camera out.

I've also been doing some crafting. Some more pages of that Summer journal I started whilst at my sisters:
I'm very late but I've decided to join in with a free e-course that has been running all Summer long called 'In the Sun', which is from a blog of the same name, found here.  
At the time of writing this post, all the prompts for the course (so far) can be found on the right hand side of that blog.  This one above is prompt number 4, called 'I want my Summer to be full of..."

After collaging my pictures, I used a tippex tape dispenser (like the glue ones) to write my titles on and in case you can't see them, they are:
Sunshine, Crafting, Fun, Travel, Photography, Friends/Relatives, Strawberries, Peaches, Pineapple, Cherries, Sea and Sand, Picnics, Tennis, Ice-cream, Cycling, Strongbow Cider(!) and Lego! (That's because we are going to Legoland in Denmark soon...) 

For the 'crafting' title, I used a picture of some broken up eyeshadow because it reminded me of pastels:
I had to use a biro to write my titles as other types of pens wouldn't write on the Tippex tape.

Yesterday I did the 'Self Portrait' prompt (#02), but it contains a photo of my passport so I can't really show you that.  I can tell you however that I changed the real photo on it (it was just a copy) to one where I am smiling broadly.  The subject of my page was to do with 'false smiles' and 'true happiness' (whatever that is!)

As I am so far behind with this course, (the other participants are on prompt #44!) I 'm going to just pick and choose which prompts I do.  If I had to do all of them now, I think I would still be doing this Summer journal in December! 

Thank you for visiting today and for any comments,


Mad-Frog said...

Love your scrapbook page, I am in awe at the photos of Selfridges I have been past many times and never thought to take any pictures, your photographs really are stunning

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks very much Mad-Frog. It is a very photogenic building which helped! x

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