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Monday 1 August 2011

The World in Pieces

Our Summer Holiday has been keeping us all very busy.  Quite a lot of it has been in our back garden, both gardening and playing.  Actually we can't really call what we do 'gardening' as neither my husband or I know very much about plants or flowers, but we did know that we needed to pull out the 10 feet tall weeds!   Our boys have been asking to use the large inflatable paddling pool and it was getting a little lost in our 'jungle!'

In between our outdoor activities, my eleven year old has been enjoying constructing this world globe jigsaw:


Fun, but with an educational element too! ☺


I  also made a photographic piece of artwork tonight using an app I recently got for my iPhone.  Its called SlowShutter and it is for taking light trail photos.  I took a series of pictures using one of my son's light up spinning toys and when I saw this one, for some reason it reminded me of teeth!:
I added some titling (using Picnik) and now it looks just like a book cover for a horror story! 

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


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