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Wednesday 17 August 2011

We've seen it in the Movies...

I'm on a roll with these journal posts from the 'In the Sun' blog and tonight I have done another one.  This is for prompt #07, 'Summer Movie Blockbusters' (post link here)

We had the option to mention films from this year that we were looking forward to seeing this Summer or to make a list of films that remind us of Summer.

This was mine:
...With these pictures (all from our friend, Google) on the left:
..and this was my list:
As you can see, most of these are years old!  I do go to the cinema sometimes, but my boys tend to like action adventure films that aren't my kind of thing, so they go with their dad. 

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is very popular in our house, made even more popular when we saw the actual car driving through our town streets a few years ago.  It was on its way to a vintage car show and it was very exciting to see it.   We also saw a theatre production of Chitty in Cardiff one year, with Aled Jones (of 'The Snowman'' fame) playing the lead.  The special effects were brilliant, and the car looked magical with all its wings out 'pretending' to fly!

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