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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Hotel Room Crafting

Hi, apologies (again!) for not being around in Bloggerland for a few days, I'm with my boys in Milton Keynes visiting and looking after their cousin, my 9 year old nephew.

I've called my title, 'a hotel room' but it's not really, it's my sister's spare bedroom that I'm creating in, but it's so smart it's like being in a posh hotel! I'm also posting this from my iPhone which I've never done before, so hope it works!  (note - it didn't work, I attempted to post this yesterday, but couldn't work out how to get the photos on...)
(Part of this post was done on my laptop).

The other day, before we all ventured off to a great fun adventure playground, I cut up some Summer themed magazines and advertising leaflets and over the last couple of nights, in my room, I have created these two journal/scrapbook pages on the theme of Summer:
 Some of the subjects aren't 'my kind of Summer' (me in a wetsuit?!) but they give the flavour of a nice, hot, fun-filled, Summer (I'm optimistically hoping that the rest of this years is going to be like it!)

I got myself a ring binder folder to put them in (left):
..and plan to make it into a combination of scrapbook and journal, documenting this year's family Summer Holiday.  Other pages will have photos, tickets of events, postcards, etc. and some of the pages will be exercises from journal prompts for which I'll be using additional magazine cuttings.  

 It's been quite an adventure here in Milton Keynes, they have loads of activities for the young and not so young, (photos soon), but it's back home to Warwickshire for us tomorrow.
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


theboelemas@aol.com said...

OK officially jealous - you managed to craft whilst on hols!! I'm banned from taking anything craft related with me :(

I'll keep my fingers crossed that summer decides to arrive in the UK - I'm almost at the point of not caring as I'm fleeing to sunnier climes :) Enjoy what's left of the summer hols and I'll look forward to seeing your journal/scrapbook.

Claire xx

Nicky Stevenson said...

To be quite honest Claire, I didn't take much with me - the magazines were ones my sister chucked my way and I 'just happened' to have my scissors and glue with me... (And the folder!) I also crafted after 10pm, which is my favourite crafting time of the day, when everyone is asleep.. Nicky x

Anonymous said...
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