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Sunday 21 August 2011

Going on Vacation

..or on holiday, as we call it here in the UK.

Here's today's journaling piece:

And I am, going on holiday, on Monday, so this will be my last Summer journaling post for a while.  This one is again part of the 'In the Sun' course, prompt number 11, 'Take a Vacation'.

The design element from the video that I took was the 1960's photo album vibe.  I found our old family photo album and scanned a few photos onto a piece of paper that I had previously painted with yellow and gesso.  I also used the technique that Natty of 'In the Sun' suggested, which was to rub the edge of a piece of cardboard into black paint and then print with it.  It gave an interesting vintage edge.

Here is the finished page:
I'm not sure how much internet access I will have for the next week or so, but if I can I will continue to blog (as I did last year from my holiday in Germany)

Until then, thanks for stopping by
and for any comments,


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