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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Fashion Dilema

I am in need of a fashion overhaul, I have got to the stage now where I really 'don't know what to wear!'  I have to face facts, I'm no 'Spring Chicken,' so, (in theory) I need to be wearing things more appropriate for my age.  But this is where my dilema comes in, I'm not ready for so-called 'Middle Aged' fashion (I can barely say the words!)

I made this today:
Which I intend to put in a folder for fuddy duddies for me to put potential fashion ideas for myself.

I actually love looking at the creativity of the fashion industry on TV, in magazines and on blogs BUT, as I've put on the bottom of that sheet, some designs are so way out of the everyday and some are just downright crazy!

I found a couple of books that I've had on my bookshelves for yonks that may give me some ideas:
The first one says '10 steps' and the second one says 100! lol.

Hope they are not too old to be of any use, but what I am looking for is a 'fun, creative look' without the 'mutton dressed as lamb' element.  I feel like I've been drifting into a 'boring clothes' style because they are, dare I say it? 'practical'.  The trouble with 'practical' is that very often it is boring.....

Now, where did I put that Desigual catalogue...?

* * * * *

Another crafty thing I did today was to doodle in my new 'Doodle' sketchbook:
Just a random pattern, not knowing what was going on next, or where it was going.  Just basically having a bit of spontaneous fun.

Do have a great weekend.
Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

I don't need to buy special trousers to have saddlebags like that lady! Teehee!

Love your doodling - will you colour it or leave as is?

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