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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Christmas Carols?!

My followers from last year may remember this altered book I started.  It was a book that I called 'New (Techniques) to You' and originally it was an old hardback book with a religious theme.  Whilst I have kept the theme of the book the 'same,' I have been altering all the pages so that I can explore various art techniques that I haven't tried before. 

Today I added the words to a Christmas Carol - I love singing hymns and carols, and always have, ever since we were 'made' to sing them all those years ago in school assemblies.  I do like the original tunes though and think its a shame that so many of them have been changed these days.  If I have occasion to sing them now I can't seem to help but revert to the tune that I used to sing them.

(I have added journaling to the pages but have blurred them out as they are my own private thoughts).
The technique I tried for this page was to add white gesso and then some black gesso.  After leaving it to dry for a few minutes, I then wiped over it with a baby wipe. It has created a 'broken-up' texture that still shows part of the original image.  The edges were touched up with some more of the black. 
On the facing page I used a dry brush with the black gesso (on top of the white gesso). 
  Love this dated carol singers picture from the early 1980's!

* * * * *

Apologies for the fact that you haven't seen much of me lately, my husband is on the scene more now. He has returned home from Germany and this week has started his new job, just 15 minutes down the road!  Also our second son just celebrated his 9th birthday, tell me - where does the time go?

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Happy Days said...

This is fab - love the effect the black gesso and baby wipe has given. x

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