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Friday, 20 May 2011

Art Top Tips Book

Today I re-covered another one of my enormous collection of notebooks (see this post!).  This one is for my collection of art, craft and photography tips:
When I think of collections of tips, I can't help but remember the very silly (but funny!) collection of tips that the adult comic Viz used to produce (actually they may still do them, I don't know?..)  I managed to find two of the books they made way back in 1995 from a charity shop and they cost me 50p each.

I used the cover of one to make mine up:
I photocopied the page then did a bit of cutting, pasting and stamping with an ink blot stamp:
...and drew roughly around the edge.
(The folding scissors shown here on the left have since been removed, they didn't really work).

I have started to add some sensible crafty tips into my book but thought you might enjoy a few of the daft ones taken from the Viz books:

1. Make your own 'glitter' this Christmas by wrapping grains of sugar in kitchen foil. 
2. Throw large, peeled carrots into your garden pond.  They are indistinguishable from expensive Koi Carp.
3. On trains, the plastic triangular packs in which sandwiches are sold make ideal elbow protectors.  Wear them on your sleeves to prevent your elbows getting wet when your coffee gets spilled all over the table.

You might also want some serious craft tips from my book:

1. Keep Silica Gel packs to use with your stored photos.
2. To prevent journal pages sticking together, use a couple of drops of Liquid Car Wax on a cotton rag and buff the pages lightly (not tried).
3. Permanent markers can be removed from hands with Hand Sanitiser (also not tried).

As this post seems appropriate, I would like to link it up with Top Tips Tuesday.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Kandi said...

I do like that book it's really effective. I love the viz top tips too, I especially like the carrot one :) Thanks for your advice re the ink pads and pro markers; I did get a memento one and it's loads better :)
Kandi x

furrypig said...

anoter fab journal you should start making these to order for people they would sell really well. Never thought about keeping those mini gel bags for photos thanks for the top tip!

Caroljenks said...

Fab Top Tip Book and great tips!
The Viz Tips are great - especially the glitter one - Love it!!!

Thanks for joining in this week with Top Tip Tuesday :)

Carol x

qwiksave said...

Thanks for the comments.

Kandi - you spotted my Memento tip then, I deleted it because it seemed a bit critical. {Blush}

Thanks furrypig, I'd love to make my fortune doing stuff like this (sigh!)

Caroljenks That glitter tip is hysterical! Imagine really doing that!

susan said...

I love the book, looks so cool.

Kandi said...

Not critical at all, constructive advice is always welcome!! It did make a real difference I was really glad you mentioned it :)

Carmen said...

I love that glitter tip! Bwahahaha!

I'm also now really curious about your critical but obviously helpful inkpad words. Do tell - I am always lost when it comes to ink pads!

qwiksave said...

OK, I confess. Kandi had made some great greetings cards on HER blog using Promarker pens. I left a comment suggesting she use a Memento Ink Pad with Promarkers as other types can cause the colours to smear. I deleted the comment soon after because it seemed as though I was being critical. BUT Kandi had already read the comment...

(Incidently, a very smooth type of card is also recommended with stamping and Promarkers, check for suitable types on google)

Anonymous said...

How fun! great Top Tip book! love this idea! love all the tips too!
lovely card, cute image too!

thanks for joining us on this weeks One for the Kids Challenge @ Top Tip Tuesday,

WE are having a DT call too! and we have Candy on offer for those promoting it check this post out for the info : Top Tip Tuesday DT CALL

Hugs Samantha :0)

Carmen said...

Top tip! I will let my eldest know that as she is getting in to pro markers and I wouldn't have known.

Congrats on your win, what a great comp!

Carmen said...

p.s living on an island we are pretty much surrounded by beach but it's all of the stoney variety not sandy. Like you say though we are pretty lucky.

Do you watch Dr Who? Did you see this weeks episode "it's as bad as the Isle of Sheppey"? That's us - the Isle of Sheppey! Bwahahahaha!

qwiksave said...

Carmen - no, I don't watch Dr Who! (I saw one bit where the darleks were flying and thought 'that's so naff' and it put me off. Used to years ago though).

As for the competition, its dead easy, you follow Craftside on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Craftside and they ask a crafty question each week. This weeks is 'What crafting tool is top of your wish list?' They pick one winner. Only 6 people entered the week I entered. Mine was 'What one word best describes your crafting style? I put 'Delisha' which is an arabic word meaning 'happy and makes others happy'. I need to contact them to claim which I'm going to do right now!

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