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Sunday, 15 May 2011

How to make Image Transfers for Journals

I discovered (from a book) another new, very simple way of image transfer. This method lends itself more to journalling or mixed media art because the end result isn't a very 'clean' copy.  Well, it is 'clean' in a way because one of the ingredients is washing up liquid!

My practice sheets - these are image transfers from a black and white pen drawing and a newspaper.

To make this easy image transfer you only need two ingredients:
Washing up liquid and Vanilla Essence/Extract

All you need to do is mix 1 teaspoon of each together in a small bowl and brush a thin layer onto the front of your image
You then turn it over onto another piece of plain paper and rub on the back with the back of a teaspoon (not shown) and the image transfers.  In the one above of the man I was able to use the same picture 5 times so it is a bit like making your own stamps.  You have to remember that you get a reverse image though.  Also note that Permanent markers work better than non-permanent because the latter can smudge.

   This technique can also be used for newspaper pictures. If you look closely enough on the top picture you can see the Royal Wedding 'Kiss'.
Another thing to bear in mind is that the transfers take on the odour of your washing up liquid, so make sure you choose yourself a nice smelling one!

As my washing up bottle says, 'Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!'

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Happy Days said...

Thanks for sharing this technique, might be one to try in the future. x

bibbitybob said...

That looks great, I shall have to give it a try x

Carmen said...

I bet it smells gorgeous too!

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