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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Children's Theme Book Illustration

This is what I created yesterday using an old book costing 50p and some watercolour pens:

The old paper worked very well with the Berol felt tips, it absorbed the colour so well that it gave a 'Promarker effect', meaning no tell-tale colouring streaks.
I love the way that you can still see the text underneath.
A 'Spring' themed picture ready for framing.

* * * * *

I also did some more doodling in my sketchbook:
(Click to enlarge)
A while ago I was showing you how you can make stencils into a sketch by redrawing over the lines roughly after you've stencilled them.  This time I did it with some of my picture stamps (most of these were free with Craft Stamper magazine).  The stamp on the left is 'as is', the way the stamp normally prints, and the one on the right is with it's handrawn modifications. 
Useful when you want a 'sketchy look,' rather than clean lines.

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Happy Days said...

Love the effect you've achieved with the book and pens, might have to have a play with this technique. xx

Carmen said...

I so love book pages in art. Your colourful pages are so fun, they are going to look amazing on the wall!

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