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Friday, 1 July 2011

A Life in Music

This artwork is at the 'getting there' stage, near completion but needs a little more 'jiggery pokery.'  It's a framed picture that is for my cousin, the chap in the photo, for his 50th Birthday.

He has spent his lifetime pursuing a successful career in music, and the articles and pictures around the sides are all about that journey.  In one of the newspaper articles it mentions his first influence was the song, 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' (anyone care to admit remembering that?) so I found the lyrics to it and added it to the pictures around the sides.  These pictures have been faded out as they are like 'his memories'.

I must admit I found thinking about what to get, or make, a 50 year old male for their birthday really difficult, I think us ladies are much easier! ('Craft supplies please!' lol)  At least this cousin of mine did have an interest that I could work with, unlike some I could mention that are even more difficult to cater for.  

I used the newly discovered layer feature on Picnik to create this and the reason I think it needs more 'jiggery pokery' is because of the harsh lines around his right eye.  I'll have to see what I can do...

Need to do it soon though, we are going camping tomorrow and I need to give it to him on Saturday.
Hope he likes it!

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Cheryl said...

oh hun this is just brilliant gosh really is amazing hun love it hugs cheryl xxxx

artydoll said...

wow thats so fabulous.

Happy Days said...

This is fab and what a great gift idea. Enjoy your camping trip xx

Carmen said...

Fabulous gift idea. I kind of thought I recognised him and thought you were going to say it was someone famous- would I know him? And I know hi ho silver lining :P

qwiksave said...

Thanks for the compliments crafters.

In answer to your question, Carmen, my cousin isn't famous but he's had spates of working with famous people - he played with Killing Joke for a while and has been on tour with Boy George, amongst others. He is a keyboard player and has been a session musician for various stars. His present group play regular gigs in various pubs in London.

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