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Monday, 11 July 2011

Balance in my Life

I have a confession to make, I am absolutely terrible at time management. I'm an 'all or nothing' person, as in I will spend ages doing one thing, like my art or maybe some ironing (cough!) or browsing blogs on the internet and then I'll wonder where all the time has gone.

But this method of mine (unsurprisingly!) is not working.  By concentrating on just doing one or two things every morning or afternoon, an awful lot else that needs doing is not getting done (washing up, clothes piles, hello!...)  What I need in my life is more balance, which is what this second page of my journal is about:

 In the centre of my page is a set of scales (taken from an Argos catalogue) and then around it I have collaged other pictures representing the elements of my life that are at the moment, out of balance.

 The coloured  pencils and computer are shown big to represent what a dominance they are taking and the red & black line underneath is like a graph.  By concentrating on a particular task I end up not stopping to eat properly and end up snacking on the wrong kind of foods, represented by the cakes (the 'blue' circles are green apples btw).  On the right, for 'housework', we have clothes lines, clothes and an iron and on the bottom left, a random family picture as a representation of my own family time.  Bottom right there is a picture of a messy sofa with empty cups and wine bottles. This was used to signify some of the rooms in my house that could do with being sorted (although mine aren't that bad!)

 This is what it looks like upside down, just look at all those dominant pencils! 

I sometimes think I could do with a timetable like we used to have at school to split up my days, I'm sure it would help.

How do you manage your time?  Have you got any tips you could share? 

Thanks for reading and for any comments or tips,

* * * * *

PS - Interesting link to photos (not mine) of a very creative recycled clothes festival WAP  (Facebook photos) 


Happy Days said...

I'm a bit like you, but found that the computer was taking over my life. I now allow myself a maximum of 2 hours per day online. I also get all my jobs done and out of the way before I sit down to craft (infact I use crafting and computer time as a reward to myself for getting stuff done). I'm a lot less stressed now and feel like I have some balance in my life.

Fab pages btw. xx

Carmen said...

Seriously, I have just this week drafted a schedule in which I have specific days to do specific boring stuff (ironing, dusting, bathroom, wash skirtings etc) because my problem is your EXACT problem. I'm going to pretty it up and pin it to the inside of a cupboard in our new home. I hope it will stop me ever getting as bad as I did here. Really - it's all or nothing.

I definitely need structure and I need to treat it like a job as I would never slip up then.

Love your pages - the pencils are yum and making my eyes go to my own sketchbook... I'm supposed to be packing! And what am I doing instead? Tippy tapping my way round Blogland!

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