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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Not Spirograph

I've been playing with Paperchase's version of Spirograph.  It was not called 'Spirograph', it was called 'hypotrochoid' but essentially its the same thing!

This particular version has been altered using my favourite (because its so easy to use!) photo editing program picnik.

The way I played with it was I made my patterns in the conventional way and then filled in the gaps inbetween the patterns with colour.  This is what my finished page, using thin felt tips, originally looked like:
I don't know if you have played with Spirograph (maybe when you were younger?) but if your pen slips out of the hole of the plastic circle it is in when you are in the middle of a pattern, it is very difficult to remember which one to put it back in.  TIP: Always make a mental note of which hole you have put your pen in!

  This particular type of spirograph also doesn't have pins to keep the plastic circles still so I also got movement when making some of my patterns (grrr!)

Enough complaining, it's a lovely effect, with or without picnik effects!
..and changing it to black and white makes the lines stand out:
I'm not sure Paperchase sell this kit any more, I got mine from a charity shop for £1! (yay!) but you may be able to find one yourself if you fancy a go.  Occasionally you can get original Spirographs in charity shops or car boot sales..... or is it possible that you might already have one just gathering dust in your attic?...

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Cheryl said...

oh hun these are brilliant oh just love what you have created here hugs cheryl xxxxx

Gemma said...

these are fab Nicky, I used to have a spirograph when I was little and I loved playing with it :) dont think I still have it though, shame as I really fancy a go now :D xx

Happy Days said...

This is fab - love it! I had a spirograph when I was little and it was my favourite toy for ages! I then got given one of those nail art kits which gave a similar effect using a black velevet background and metallic threads - hmmmm wonder if Mum still has it in the loft??

Thanks for sharing

Claire xxx

Anonymous said...

You can purchase sets of spirograph again now, and this particular tin version is available on Amazon.

I used to be absorbed in playing with the original for hours when I was a child. Have just purchased one of the new ones and finding it harder than I remember!

Great effect.

Catherine x

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