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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Regal Sparkle

Hello Again, I'm still busy, busy, busy sorting out photos for the end of school video after having taken a break to go camping last weekend.  What a perfect weekend to choose to go, the sun kept its hat on for most of the 3 days. We were also lucky enough to get lovely sunsets too:

In the daytime the children loved playing around the shallow streams and pools that were very close to our camping field.  We brought a dinghy with us and they had lots of fun rowing themselves to a nearby island.
The children creating fun memories to last them a lifetime.

* * * * *

Onto crafting, and I just love shiny and sparkly things.  The other day I had this urge to get out all my glitter pots and tubes and jazz something up.

These were the result:
Glittered playing cards and dominoes.
(Click photo to enlarge)

Glitter is always difficult to photograph and show well but believe me, these are very glittery!  The King card in particular looks very rich in all his sparkling finery.   The King and the Queen (D?) card were glittered using glitter glue, but for the number '10' card I used a glue pen and loose glitter:

It was very fiddly and I wouldn't recommend it. This method is also incredibly messy and I was glad I had a 'Dust Buddy' for picking up the masses of stray glitter.
 It is still possible to use these cards (maybe do the whole pack?) for a game, but I'm thinking I might frame them instead.

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Happy Days said...

Gorgeous photos - love the reflection of the sky and silhouette's in the water.

Rather you than me with loose glitter!! I dropped an entire pot and since then it's been banished LOL! Love the glittered cards.

Claire xx

Carmen said...

Gorgeous top picture with that reflection of the sunset - just beautiful.

I LOVE your playing cards! The king in particular looks fantastic. Hurrah for glue pens - the loose stuff is banned in our house. The one crafting thing Craig wont let over the front door step. I may have bought it on myself with one to many glittered dog incidents who always proceeded to dump me in it by doing full body shake downs all over the house. *Ahem*

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