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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Goodbye Primary School

As I've mentioned recently, my eldest son at aged 11,came to an end of his years at Primary School.  Yesterday we had a very emotional day saying goodbye to many of the friends he had got to know during his 8 years at the school.

Some of the teachers also left too, including the headteacher, so I gave them a copy of this framed picture as a memento:

It was taken during the Winter from my attic window and those pointed turrets are part of the school.

We also gave each pupil in the class a copy of a video my husband and I have been working on.  It showed the pupils growing up during their years at the school.  At the end we had a video sequence of the class miming & rocking to the theme tune of 'Friends' which was such fun to make.  It also created lots of merriment when it was shown to the whole school at the end of year assembly too.

Also for the end of year assembly, some of the year 6 pupils acted out advertisements.  Ryan dressed up as Mr T in the advert for 'Snickers' bars:
He was so serious in his role!

I made the 'hair' the night before with a (new!) pair of tights and an old wig that I cut up and stuck on with a cold melt glue gun. Who said that it's cold? I burned my fingers many a time!  In the morning I drew on the beard with a washable black pen and the smaller pictures show him walking to school.  He made the belt himself out of duct tape and Snickers bars.

Also on the last day I gave him my Instax camera and he took pictures of his friends and they signed their names underneath:
I'm going to sort him out a memory book for these and other memorabilia that he has collected.

But meanwhile, for him, its 'Goodbye Primary School' and (in September) 'Hello High School'.  Hope he makes many more friends there and picks up some other good memories too. 

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Happy Days said...

Gorgeous photo Nicky and very clever imagery for the occasion.

LOL @ your son - he looks fantastic, just one question - what happened to all the Snickers Bars??

Good luck to him for his new school.

Claire x

K said...

Oh I love the sound of the video, how lovely!

What I REALLY want to know is how many snickers bars were left by the time he got home, lol.

qwiksave said...

Snigger, re the Snickers. He did share them out amongst his class mates and out of the 20 he wore, I believe he brought 2 back.

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