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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Teesha Inspired Journal Page

You may be able to tell (!), but I watched a few of the Teesha Moore videos on youtube this morning.

I love the way Teesha doesn't seem to plan what things she is going to put together on her page, it just 'evolves.' (very successfully I might add!)  I decided to do my page (above) in the same way and believe you me it took absolutely AGES!   

This is in fact my first ever, real, proper, journalling page! Oh, I've dabbled in the past at 'pretend ones,' but never actually started a sketch book with the sole intention of keeping a journal - until now. 

It was a fun process to do but technically quite hard as most of the pens I used wouldn't write on the glossy magazine paper.  In the end I found that these ones (on the left) worked best:
 Staedtler Lumocolors in Black, Medium & Fine, a Uniball Signo in White and a Black Sakura Gelly Roll -  but all of them clogged to a degree.

I should point out that the face of the 'frog' isn't mine, I just made the model's hair a bit more like my style.  I did consider changing her features but I liked the way she was looking down at her big green belly!  
Even though I didn't plan on the theme of this page (a la Teesha), once I came across the magazine image of the frog, the theme came to me.  This is different to what I'm used to, a bit out of my comfort zone, but it is good to do that ocassionally.  

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

I love it! And as someone sat here aching from overdoing the Wii this week - I can totally relate :D Can't wait to see more pages (if they aren't to personal to share!)

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