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Friday, 29 July 2011

Love Art but...

I've put together another journal page tonight (I find it easier to do my art at night time when the boys have gone to bed, especially during the school holidays!) and this page's theme is so true for me:
I used a piece of art work I already had (an experimental painted textured piece) and used that for my 'Art' background.  I then found some images from my cut images stash of the wallet and pile of money.  Finally I used my Dymo-type of printer to print out the title of the journal page. The whole page was really easy to do and probably only took about 15 minutes. 

The finished page:
 I decided that I should keep to my own style of journaling to be truly authentic.  I can still look at and admire other artist's work (Teesha, etc) but to be true to myself I need to find - and keep - my own style.

(Incidently, I considered adding the word '...YET' to the bottom right of the page but haven't done so...yet! ☺)

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Happy Days said...

Love this page and good for you re finding and keeping your own style! x

PepPop said...

Ain't that the truth! Wouldn't it be a perfect world if we could all be paid a decent wage for doing the art we love. Stick in there girl and add the "yet". Jaqui x

qwiksave said...

Thanks crafters and welcome back Jaqui, have missed you. It is so true that we crafters need our talent recognised, 'we're worth it'☺ xx

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