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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Hollywood Party

Excuse my mini absence, but this time I've been preparing for a party, a Hollywood themed school party.  It was for my eldest son who is leaving Primary School next week and the party was earlier tonight.

This was how he dressed up:
  He likes his hair long!

I didn't take pictures of all the decorations we made (too busy!) but I remembered to take these pictures:
 I just framed and added embellished gem stars with glossy accents.

On questioning, we found that none of  the children (aged 11) knew who any of the actresses were!

We had a 'red carpet' setup where each of the children from that year came in individually, making them feel like film stars.  Lots of the people in the crowd took pictures of them as though they were the paparazzi:
 A good fun night, though I didn't dance much, I was stuck behind the bar all night (serving!)

Thanks for looking, have a great weekend,

PS  I have also been taking part in an online swap run by Lakota of Faith Hope and Charity Shopping.  I was paired up with Mrs Tightwad of the Tightwad Telegraph and we have done our swapping.  In a future post (soon!) I will show you the lovely goodies I was sent, but if you take a look here (opens up in a new tab),  you can see what I sent her, based on her interests.  I also made a handmade card and calendar, which you can also see a picture of (note: she collects chicken ornaments).


Happy Days said...

Excused!! Looks like you had a good excuse!! I'm amazed that none of them knew who Marilyn was!! I love Hollywood themed parties and love the idea of doing it for a leavers do!

Have a fab weekend.
Claire x

Hollywood theme party said...
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