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Saturday, 8 May 2010


Today it was time to make the first adjustment on my seasonal tree calendar  (See this post).  When  I went out with my boys today though, it wasn't like Spring, more like Winter!  Brrrr!  On our travels we passed a lovely tree with loads of blossom on it and the wind was blowing really hard so lots of the blossom was blowing around and there was a blanket of it all over the floor.  The boys, being boys, decided it made excellent snow and decided to chuck it at each other! 

It's snowing!

So I have made the first alteration to my tree:
..Some bits of blossom on the floor.

I haven't had chance to do a major craft today, my husband is coming back from China on Tuesday and I'm catching up on all the housework  making the house spick and span!

I did, however, alter some more pages of my filofax (remember that?)
This time I used some craft punches on some of the pages.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Oh I do love your tree project - I've just clicked back to read the original story. And how appropriate with all that blossom on the ground. It's gorgeous.

qwiksave said...

Thanks Carmen. I should have put more blossom on in the first place and more to come off. I was being a bit frugal with my glue dots! :-)

PepPop said...

Yep Definately remember the filofax project. I love cherry blossom trees so really loved your pics and your tree. Jaqui x

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