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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Easy as ABC

When I bought a stencil from a charity shop today, I thought that (a) it would contain all the letters of the alphabet not just the first 3 (b) the stencils would already be cut out and I would just have to do the painting part and (c) it should have been cheaper than £2.50 because the first 2 weren't true!

This was the stencil - after I'd cut out and painted letter A:
Nice isn't it?  But pretty tricky to cut out all those fiddly bits!:
Three more ABC's:  (a) Who do I know with those initials?? (b) How well is this going to stencil? and (c) What paint do I use?
Inspired! I'll use my (one and only!) Adirondack Paint Dauber in Boat Blue:
It's already got a sponge on it, that'll work a treat, won't it?:
Ready for the reveal...
OOps!  But at least I thought of someone beginning with one of the letters, my husband Andy! 

One to try another day I think...

See you tomorrow!


Kandi said...

You are so patient cutting them all out! I would not have been :) Perhaps if you stick it down with low tack spray first it might not bleed under as much. It would look lovely stensilled (sp?) in pastel colours and mounted and framed on a childs nursery wall. That was my first thought.
Kandi x

qwiksave said...

Oh yeah Kandi, I should have used spray - I used temporary glue dots. I can see now, its not flat. No wonder the result wasn't as good it should have been. Speaking of results, I was cutting it out whilst watching the Alternative Election Show on C4. Late night crafting isn't always the best! ;-)

PepPop said...

Ooh I admire your patience cutting out all the little fiddly bits - I don't think I would even have attempted it. Well done. Jaqui x

qwiksave said...

Thanks Jaqui. When I bought it I thought it was already cut out. If it hadn't have been in a sealed packet I'd have had a sneaky look. I don't normally do things that take lots of patience either! lol.

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