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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Anyone for Pizza?

This project is a 'work in progress' type.  It is my youngest son's birthday at the weekend and he is going to be 8.  He has requested a 'Make Your Own Pizza' party at Pizza Express.  As usual, I have left it until the last minute to get out the invitations but I have told the children and parents involved about the event.  This is just a fun confirmation invitation really that will have the location and time details on it (on the back probably).

It's all made from coloured paper and thin card.
The 'tomatoes' were cut out using a circular hole punch.
and I added details with marker pens around the pizza base edge and on the tomatoes.

All in all, quite a fun project to make really.

Other news and my husband has come back from China and he has announced that tomorrow we are going to buy a Wii!  Lots of fun and games!

See you tomorrow,


PepPop said...

Great invitations. Very inventive. Great that your OH is home and happy wii-ing!! Jaqui x

susan said...

I love the idea of pizza invitations, very original. And well made.

Have fun with your new wii, I love mine, oh and have fun with the husband xx

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