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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Inspired Painting!

I had fun tonight!  I haven't painted with acrylic paints in...oh, ever such a long time!  And tonight I didn't paint with acrylic paints at first...

The black lettering isn't acrylic paint...

...it's black shoe polish!

As you can probably tell, I've been reading and trying some of the experimental painting suggested by Alisa Burke in the book I got in the post this morning (See yesterday's post).

At first, the scuff cover wouldn't come out and gave this lovely dry brush effect (on the 'e'):
and then after being shaken up it went nice and black and solid.

When I'd done the lettering, I loved the spaces the letters left behind so filled them in with red and purple.  ...And then came the yellow with reckless abandon!:
Sorry if this post isn't to everyone's taste but I have a feeling that I will be doing quite a bit more painting now that I've got the taste for it!  ;-)

See you tomorrow,


qwiksave said...

Guess this isn't to your taste then?

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