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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Glass Painting

For this project I used lots of glass paint: 
I put the glass paint on acetate in rings and then used a toothpick to create the lines radiating out from the centre of the circle.
As you can see this has literally just been done so its all shiny and wet.  After it has dried off overnight I will be able to put it on a window or mirror.  If it looks OK when it dries I plan to make a few others in different colour combinations.

EDITED UPDATE: I haven't done any other colour ones yet and this is what this one  looks like on the window:
The yellow has glitter particles in it. I also added a pale blue to the centre. It has been moved around from mirrors to windows so it caused it to distort its shape a little:
.. and this picture makes it look like some kind of giant alien spaceship!
My children are off school tomorrow for Teacher Training, so I'm thinking of starting the holiday with doing something creative with them.

See you tomorrow,


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