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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Internet Craft Shopping

I love this!:
Not necessarily the book (which I believe was a freebee from a few years ago) but the actual shopping on the internet.  Part of the reason being that we have such little choice of craft shops where I live, just one docrafts supplier, which just isn't enough! 

I'm also glad that some craft shops have started offering free postage, which makes it much more worth while.  Plus of course, bargains to be found in sales sections on crafty items too.

This one, which I mentioned the other day was one of those:
My Bind-It-All! (Just £44) Yay! It came today.  Haven't taken it out of its pretty box yet, I need to get some bindery things for it now.

The promarkers have also arrived:
But I also got this from a regular (charity) shop:
Don't like the title but if it tells me what to do in simple language I can let that one go.

As for a craft?
My soon-to-be-8 year old- son has asked for a diary.  He said he wants to keep secrets in it! (Aww!)
So I bought an A4 diary from Paperchase (their 2010 ones are reduced to only £1):
All the page edges are silver...
..and I've added some appropriate customisation.  (I also remember doing that sort of thing myself when I was at school, but mine was of course, 'Girl's Stuff')

(Oh, and we did get the Wii!   :-) )

See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Ohhhhhhh so jealous about the Wii! Love your sons diary, my girls, the oldest in particular, love diaries and notepads and she has a huge collection of them.

I'll have to look out for a Paperchase - am looking for a cheap diary to use as a food diary.

qwiksave said...

The Paperchase ones are worth looking for if you can - this one was originally £14.50!! :-O

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