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Friday, 7 May 2010

Scrapbooking Page!

You'll have to excuse me but I haven't finished tonight's craft - I ended up watching the News to find out what actually happened in the Election yesterday.  It's still all a mass of confusion by the looks of it. 

Then I decided to do a scrapbooking page.  Trouble is, I should have given it a  bit more preparation than I had time for.  I was scrounging around trying to find some red patterned paper for the background.

Anyway, here it is in its unfinished, not glued down stage:

(Going to change the ryan title somehow and thinking of mounting the photo on black paper not blue)
It's 8x8 size, I bought 2 (black suede) albums in the WH Smith's sale the other day only £5.99 each! I'm planning to do one of each of my boys.

This picture was taken outside a restaurant in Bournemouth - some of you may recognise it - its a surf board mounted on the outside wall that tourists take pics of themselves 'surfing' on.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever the weather,
See you tomorrow,


qwiksave said...

UPDATE: That red paper really doesn't work with this layout so I haven't stuck anything down.

It's a 'pending' scrapbook page now.

PepPop said...

Love the "pending" comment. I have them too. Jaqui x

Erin Reason said...

Cute layout -- My Mind's Eye has some great surfing paper and embellishments in their Breaking Free collection that would really add to this.

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