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Monday, 10 May 2010

Document the Ordinary

A bonus extra post today.  When I took the pictures yesterday of artwork around my house, I also took pictures of other things that were around.  I thought it was quite a good idea really, to document the 'everyday things' you have around you at different times.  For example my children's toys have changed over the years and it will be interesting to see in years to come, 'yes, I remember having that when I was 10.' 
This is a jacket belonging to my 8 year old.  Its not quite as bright as this, but almost! We bought this from the Philippines a couple of years ago.  (He's quite a mild natured boy normally but changes to a 'punk' (his words!) when he puts this on! :-)

Lego. I have bought the boys sets of basic bricks (+ oddments of sets) from charity shops when I see them because I prefer them to the Star Wars sets that they have already got. I like to see them make up their own designs and of course its much more creative!

I had fun altering this pic.  Its a baby toy that plays a tune.  We still like the tune (its very restful) so don't want to part with it.  The fluffy kitch baby photo holder was a present given to us.

This psychedelic light hasn't been modified.  Its the light in our bedroom.  I love the effect but its not very restful for sleeping!

Sorry for this, should have put a warning above it! (Tee Hee)  Very me though, this mug.

Finally, I thought I'd show you what that bicycle wheel I showed you yesterday really looks like:
(without modification)

Maybe you might like to go around your place and document the 'ordinary' things you have around?

My regular craft post will follow later,

[Sorry regular readers, no additional post tonight, I 've been craft shopping instead! :-O  (SShh!)  I've treated myself to a Bind-It-All and some Promarkers! ]


Kandi said...

I find this to be a really interesting idea. I wish I had taken more photos in the years gone by of all the interesting things I have had and seen. With digital cameras it's so much easier now isn't it? I love your cup btw, my DH would agree with that sentiment for me.
Kandi x

qwiksave said...

Yes, Kandi, digital cameras make it so much easier, as do phones with cameras (not that mine has!) Years ago we could only take photos if the light was good enough. Post camera correcting is also very useful.


PepPop said...

I'm gonna have to get me one of those cups. How you getting on with your bindit-all and your promarkers (I'm still trying to resist - I have 2) ;) Jaqui x

qwiksave said...

I haven't got the promarkers and bind-it-all yet, I just ordered them last night when I was meant to be crafting! I was internet shopping! Trouble is my husband is coming home today and he might notice the parcel when it arrives!

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