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Friday 14 May 2010

Emergency Gift Wrap

OOoh, my arms have been hurting today after playing Tennis on the Wii yesterday, they're not used to exercise! What's embarrasing though is that my soon-to-be-8-year-old can whop me at it and I don't even let him win!

Actually, tonight I haven't had a lot of time for crafting, I'm preparing for his party which is happening tomorrow.  Eight lots of 8 year olds descending on our house for mischief and mayhem no doubt, before we take them to Pizza Express to make their own pizzas.

I'm in the middle of putting banners up and other room decs so I just broke off to do this:

It's handmade wrap using just white paper and dot stickers.  I got the idea from today's Martha Stewart blog, although on there they used florescent circles which were all of the same size.

I think my 8 year old will like this paper - although he will probably not take any notice of it and just rip it open in seconds to get at the Club Penguin books!

Anyway, its a good idea if you run out of wrapping paper, just use plain white paper and stick circle stickers all over it.

Best get back to my party decorating,
Have a great weekend,
See you tomorrow,


PepPop said...

I know that feeling - I remember using greaseproof paper once (the tin foil sounded like a good idea but was a disaster) Next time I'll try your idea. Jaqui x

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