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Thursday 13 May 2010

Angular Figure

In the 1980's as an art student, I remember seeing images of fashion design and the figures were almost without exception, these tall angular figures with not a curve in sight.  Nowadays I believe the drawings have changed - its the models that haven't got any curves!

Anyway, I liked those very angular figures and have ocassionally drawn some of my own.  Mine a little more cartoony than the serious ones that fashion designers tend to produce.

I did one tonight:

I have coloured it in with my pro-markers and some other pens I had.  I just have to get some more pro-markers though, there are so many colours I need

I like the expression I've given her, no smile, just like the models tend to be:

(I must remember to rub out the pencil marks when its dried).

Right, off to play some more Wii with DH, he's beaten me at all the games except one so far! Bah!

See you tomorrow,


Kandi said...

I remember this too, we were taught to draw people as inverted triangles for the torsos and very squared angular faces; however that was in the 80's so perhaps it was because everyone was angular with the shoulderpads etc! :)
Kandi x

PepPop said...

Love it. I really like the legs and you've got the facial expression just right. Jaqui x

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