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Sunday 16 May 2010

Florescent Animals

Have you got your sunglasses ready?  These pictures are very bright! (and I enhanced the brightness a teeny bit too)

I saw these images on a child's tshirt in a charity shop and fell in love with them! They are all made with squares (and a circle for the eyes) and coloured in the brightest of bright florescent colours.

'Florescent colours are in' so the Martha Stewart blog said the other day so what better excuse to start using them?
Kids would love to have a go too!

Sorry if the colouring isn't the best, the florescent pens I have have a chiseled tip, which makes it a bit tricky to colour in the squares.

I think they are fun (and will be showing some more complicated animals later).  They would look great on cards or a picture mosaic using florescent paper.

As it was Joshua's birthday today, we went out for the day:
We went to Snibson, a science park with a steam railway, near Leicester.
It was lots of fun! (and the kids enjoyed it too!)



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