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Sunday 30 May 2010

Exploratory Laminating

As my boys are away at their grandparents  for a few days I actually got to see my choice of programmes on the TV! What a treat! Today, I have had a few hours of watching the craft channel, 'Create & Craft', while I tackled my ironing mountain.

One of the programmes inspired me to make tonight's craft:.
A laminated inspirational postcard.

They were promoting a hot and cold laminator which looked quite useful, but I'm fine with just my hot laminator.  I was just looking for ideas to use it and they had quite a few.  One idea I loved was to add Tim Holtz's alcohol inks to the laminating paper, must try that some time. 

This idea, which I've tried, was to put embossing powder on your image before laminating it:
It kind of worked, but this red sparkly embossing powder went a bit pink.

Still, it's good to try new techniques and I am inspired to try other exploratory techniques with my laminator. 

Enjoy your Bank Holiday those of you in the UK,
See you tomorow,


Kandi said...

These are great Nicky! I love them and they would be great scattered about the house as inspiration.
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Kandi. I agree with the messages on them too! We do need to be brave in the things we do.
Nicky x

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