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Monday 17 May 2010

First Bind-It-All Notebook

Phew! Just done my very first Bind-it-All project!  It's not perfect as I was rushing to get it on here on time but here it is, a monster note book for one of my boys:

I've discovered that the glue I used was a bit lumpy and wrapping paper as a cover (on top of chipboard) is not a good idea, idealy it needs thicker paper.
I've put plain paper inside it so my son can do his own drawings or notes. 

I was a bit worried about doing it, but I watched a beginner's video on youtube that was really good. 

...and just to finish off the florescent theme, here are a few others I did:
Love this flamingo!
..and this tiger.  ROAR!

..and this is the tshirt the idea came from:
Imagine wearing that!

See you tomorrow,


Carmen said...

Brilliant book! Bet he loves it and I cam just imagine all those creatures as a t-shirt!

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