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Friday 28 May 2010


What's Out Your Window Friday?  Yeah, I know that's a bit naughty (taking a well known acronym), but the question I'm really asking today is 'what type of view can you see from your main room(s)? 

Today's project was mainly a photographic one as I have been taking pictures looking out from the large bay window in our front room.  It's quite surprising how different an everyday scene you see so often can look when you take the trouble to see it from various different angles or highlight a specific detail.  They can also look very different when you change them using photo manipulation software (such as the free one I use called Picnik).

(These pictures aren't really framed, the frames were created using Picnik)
(Click to enlarge)
We have a lot of old telephone wires going across our road which helps the picture look even more graphic.  (The sky was blue today, but not quite that blue!)
But digitally framing them like this does make me want to frame them for real.


I also did some crafting with my eldest son today.  We created some outer space characters to put on greetings cards using my Cuttlebug:
He loved turning the handle!
The pieces were so small though, we couldn't even breathe over them in case they blew away!
But here are our finished space pictures that are waiting to be stuck onto cards:
(With a touch of Picnik!)

Lots of people seem to be going away for the school holidays so blogsphere is going to be a bit quiet over the next week.  We as a family aren't going away, but my sons are going to their grandparents for a few days starting tomorrow (which may mean I'll be able to do more crafting! Yay!)

Have a great weekend or week if you are away,
See you tomorrow,


Kandi said...

I really love your view Nicky, and I love how you have altered those pics. Once I get the chance I would love to get into photoshop or something similar to play about with my photos. I bet it will be odd without the kids for a few days, odd but peaceful! Enjoy some time to yourself.
Kandi x

Nicky Stevenson said...

Thanks Kandi. I have Photoshop on the family pc but don't know how to use it! Try Picnik.com it has a lot of free features and they are so simple, you just upload your photos and select an effect, thats how I've done these.

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