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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

School Organisers

I am gently easing myself back into crafting after my rather long Summer break.  This project that I have done today came about after both my sons came back from school with various homework assignments, vague plans of things that they need to bring in on certain days and other stuff that they mustn't forget.

So I made them each a wipe-on-wipe-off list of what they need to take in each day using picnik for this one:

I wasn't terribly happy with it though, the sizing was a bit out and the proportions weren't great.  So I made another one, this time handwritten and handmade:
I had a stamp set with this font but didn't want to go to the trouble of stamping each individual letter so just copied the letters onto the sheet instead.

Being happier with this one I went ahead and put clear sticky back plastic on top.  In theory, the boys should be filling in their own details, but at the moment so far its been me, lol.

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dizzytina said...

Fab idea i think i need to make one of those myself tina xx

Carmen said...

I agree, stuff the kids, I need one!

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