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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Alcohol Ink Coasters

Last night for my artistic activity I decorated some metallic coasters using alcohol inks and blending solution. 

It's a very simple technique to do but not easy to photograph whilst you are doing it!

First of all you squeeze out some of the blending solution on top of the tiles:
(Tiles were £1 for 6, charity shop)

And then you simply add drops of various coloured alcohol inks on top.

Here are the finished tiles:

To fill in the gaps between the colours I used a thin wooden craft stick to push the colours around.  I also added more drops of the blending solution for further blending.  It's a very unpredictable technique and, sometimes frustratingly, the top colours ended up obliterating the ones from underneath.

For these tiles I used my limited collection of Ranger alcohol inks but I spotted on the crafting grapevine that Kuretake have brought out a range.  I would love to have a go with some of their brighter colours.

These look great as they are but I think they need a protective coating of some sort. Does anybody know what type I need to use? 

Thanks for looking and for any help/comments,


Kim Dellow said...

They look fabulous! So colourful. Kim

Jon said...

These look fantastic, some hi-res photos of these tiles would make an interesting set of Christmas cards or calendar pages? Make a nice personal gift maybe?

qwiksave said...

Thanks Kim and Jon. What an interesting idea Jon, the green ones do look a bit like aerial photos.

Carmen said...

Wow - so vibrant. I seriously need to add some different colours to the 3 I have! :D Would Glossy Accents seal it? That's my go to for everything at the mo ;)

Mighty Mama Lambert said...

wow these are so gorgeous! did you use a white? I love that they look like galaxies! I use Valspar Clear Sealer Gloss for my coasters when I use the alcohol inks. I use Gloss and it's super for making the colors pop.

Good luck and thanks for posting these!

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