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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Legoland Denmark Part 2 - The Models

This is a collection of pictures of some of the 'general scene setting' models that were found around the Legoland rides in Denmark.
All of them very impressive and they must have taken thousands of bricks to make.  Imagine doing that every day for a living! 
One of the advantages of the wet weather (see middle picture of montage) was that there was virtually no queuing for the rides. This is what I always find the worst part of visiting popular theme parks in the Summer, so yay!

Apologies for the slight delay in these posts, but this week I've been getting up a lot earlier to help this young man:
...get to his new High School everyday!
Consequently I've been falling asleep at the computer late at night!

In tomorrow's post, I will show you some of the clever 'model village' type of lego models which are really, really impressive!

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