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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Invitation to the Creative Flourishes Gallery

...of sculptures and paintings found in Legoland Country, Denmark.  Specifically, all at the Legoland Village and the danish village itself, called Billund.

As a disclosure, I should mention that the creativeflourishes 'signatures' on the corners of each picture were put there for the photographs that I've taken (& modified) and not because I have created each of the pieces of art.  Just thought I'd better clear that up!☺

Just a short walk from our Legoland Village apartment, there was a tarmaced path leading to a woody area.  We used it a lot to get to the local village on the days that we didn't go to the Legoland theme park.  Every single time we went, rain threatened to drench us and unfortunately, equally frequently, managed it too!  We were so grateful that there were trees because they offered us shelter and some protection, at least. 

The great thing about this path though was that it was full of lots of very individual sculptures (one of which is shown above).  This was one of two figures that stood on the top of very high poles planted into a small lake.

More pictures (click to enlarge):
(I shall do some research and add details of who made these and add it here when I have done so)

This piece was very different and caught my eye:
It was called 'Pentagonia'
and was made by
Gunhild Rudjord and Esben Lyngsaa Madsen

Each of the clay panels had amazing colour and texture and some of them had a lovely crackled glaze. 

This GIANT egg sculpture was found in the village itself:
with its fabulous translucent glazed colours:
The name of this piece, I have found out, is called
'The Drop /Egg/ Universe'
and is by Jan Balling

This one:
 and this one (digitally framed by me):
..were close ups of a picture hanging up in the Legoland Village games room:
Not sure of the artist but
I love the sketchy quality of the lines and the effect of the white on the black.

Finally, these abstract paintings were found on the walls of the Legoland Hotel that we visited yesterday:

Again with no details of the artist.  What attracted me to these was their creative use of a minimal colour palette and beautiful brush work.

Hope you have enjoyed your virtual 'art gallery' visit today.
Thanks so much for stopping by and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Absolutely stunning and not something you would expect to see when going to Legoland.

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