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Friday, 16 September 2011


I've done another page in my collage journal tonight and its got an emotional feel about it.  A sad theme that is oh so true...
This is the full page:
(but doesn't include a bit of private journalling that I've added to the bottom)

I wasn't sure whether to share this information with you because it is a bit personal, but decided to in the end, because it explains why I created this piece.  What happened was, during the Summer Holiday, we found out that my children's ex-Headmistress (last year's) had been in a tragic Bank Holiday car accident.  She was very seriously injured and her husband (who was driving) died.  Their three children were also in the car too but thankfully sustained only very minor injuries..   I created this journal page because I can't stop  thinking about them and felt that the title illustrates just what I wanted to say.    The images were chosen (leaf, butterfly and polar bear) because they fit in with the 'precious life' theme.

Incidently, a good tip for writing messages on magazine pages is to use a Corrector White Pen like I have done here, it really makes the lettering 'pop' out of the page. 
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