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Sunday, 4 September 2011

NOT Legoland!

These pictures are of where we stayed in Denmark, at the Legoland Village, just a 5 minute walk from the theme park:

(See handwritten comments on photos)
As I've written, we did arrive to bright sunshine! Didn't last long though...
There was an indoor (computer!) games room with Playstations that was suitable for them, especially when it rained!  The day spent at the  Aquadome (shown in the background) was also lots of fun.

On a grey day we also walked past the fantastic looking Legoland Hotel.  As rain looked imminent we popped in for a nose:
These pillars (above) were outside and these interesting models were in the downstairs reception and  hallways:

A Lego Mona Lisa was framed on one of the walls:
 ..and these models were on the stairways:
The big pieces of Lego embedded into the walls looked so cool!  As was this model found in the Games Room:
(They also had a stash of Wii consoles and Nintendo DS's for their mini guests.  My son has recently bought himself the 3d DS so was proudly showing it off)
Apparently, some of the bedrooms are Lego character themed, pirates, princesses, etc.  What a treat for the little uns.
We did decide that this hotel was likely to be very expensive to stop at.  We bought ourselves just two Mars Bars to snack on...:
..and then worked out how much they had cost us in English money.  We found out that they had cost us an astronomical £2.80!!

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