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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Time for Tea

Quick post from me today, I need an early night. I keep burning the midnight oil and eventually it catches up with me. I've also still got my bad eye, and am going to be seeing the doctor again tomorrow for some investigative tests.

I had a discussion online recently about Papermania/Docraft products being a bit too 'girlie' for me but my make yesterday was almost exclusively made using their stamps:
A birthday card for one of my tea drinking friends - together with her present, a teapot and tea bag set (in the background). The mini silver teapot you see attached to the card is a real tea leaves infuser that came with a little tray (attached to the back of the card) and was from Whittards (as was the tea pot set).

The picture in the middle of the card is a photo I took of the coffee shop/cafe we frequently go to and the receipient and I always have tea (milk, no sugar), which is why I chose this theme. 

So you see! I can do girlie themed makes sometimes... (but won't be making a habit of it!) ;-)

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

Lovely girlie card and fab idea with the tea inspired gifts.

Craig and I have been having the same discussion about burning the candle at both ends. We keep saying we must start having earlier nights but by the time everything gets done it's gone midnight and then up again at just gone 6. *yawn*

We said when the girls are older we'll be rolling into work at 9 and having lay-ins ;) Oh the joys of being self employed, can't take advantage of that side till we don't have to get up for school though *g*

Kandi said...

I really love this card and the little tea accessories, I am a huge tea freak! I have a tea poem I send to friends in a card with a teabag enclosed it reads:
"Though the miles divide us, it's easier to be, together in our thinking as we make a cup of tea, so lets both put the kettle on and make ourselves a brew, and while you drink and think of me, I'll drink and think of you!
Kandi x

Kandi said...

Happy Birtday honey ~ You are never 48, I just don't believe it!
Hope you had a wonderful day and were spoiled rotten.
Kandi x

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