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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Have a Go ATC

I had fun with tonight's craft and you could too! 

It was my very first (non-swop!) ATC:
..but it wasn't my own design, it was created using excellent step-by-step instructions by Sal Scheibe found here on the free Art Trader online Magazine site.  This particular lesson is from quite an 'old' edition, the one from Autumn 2008 and the lesson is called Whimsy Art for Beginners.  Do scroll down and look at all the editions of the magazine as they are such a great resource with many other fab tutorials and artist interviews.  I myself have spent many happy hours going through every one of them and have still not finished!  

This project notes:  I used Promarkers to colour my picture in and was a bit concerned that I hadn't got enough colours to do the shading.  Luckily I had read in one of the other copies of the magazine that you can do shading with pencil crayons, so that is what I did! ;-)     For the outline I used a non-bleed Fineliner Black Sharpie (I spotted some of these in my local Ryman's, so if you are looking for some maybe you could try there? Your Ryman's obviously!;-).... )  

* * *
Finally, whilst out shopping today, I spotted these in the window of River Island:
You like??  As my dear ol' mum used to say, 'You could break your neck in those!'

Thanks for looking and for any comments,


Carmen said...

I would break my neck in those! Whoa!

Love your ATC and thank you for the link - am going to check that site out later today - got to pop out now!

As for the canvas boards - K left me a top tip that they can be found in Poundland! Woohoo!

Marg said...

Fab ATC! My Mum used to say that too I don't even need the shoes I can fall over my own shadow! Thank you for my lovely Candy prize it arrived safely and I love it. x

qwiksave said...

Hope you've had a chance to look at that link Carmen, I think that you (and K) would probably LOVE it! Haven't got a Poundland near me, bah!

Glad you got your candy goodies safely Marg. x

Rumtruffle said...

Hello Nicky,
This is my first visit to your lovely blog but not the last as I am now following you. I am a crafter too and have decided to do a bit of crafty blog hopping to meet other people just like me. I love your ATC very eye catching, I don't think I am up to this standard though!
If you have a few minutes spare I would be delighted if you could pop by and say hello.
Helen x

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