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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pen made from a Yogurt Pot!

Yes, you read that title right! Although mine was more of a dessert pot, an Aero Chocolate dessert pot to be precise (yum!) 

..and I used the pen to write the word 'Aero' with it.

It's actually only the nib thats made from the yogurt pot, the rest of the 'pen' is in fact a pencil!

(Instruction information further down)

As a money saving tip, I like to look at craft books at both Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk, particularly the ones that say 'Look Inside' the book.  There are so many that give you step by step instructions on how to do crafts of all kinds, and all free (with just access to a computer). 

Apart from Amazon, if you look up an author of a craft book, it might be worth looking at their publisher's website as these often have great offers, links to other books you might like and in the case of the one I got the idea for this pen from, loads of crafting information too.  I looked up the author of the fabulous book, 'Creative Wildfire' (LK Ludwig), which is an art journalling book I won as a book share from Whoopidooing's Carmen (yey!) and it lead me onto the blog of the book's publishers (I think?!), called craftside. On there you can find example pages from other crafting books and the person blogging often has a go at the craft shown.  

This do-it-yourself pen nib idea was taken from a book called 'Modern Mark Making-Creating your own Pen with Recycled Materials' by Lisa Englebrecht and you can find the instructions here (scroll down)
All you need to make the nib is one yogurt/dessert pot, scissors and some electrical/duct tape.  Plus a stapler and a pencil.

My dodgy eye is still not right, but I was desperate to get back to crafting.  Apart from making this pen today I also made some watercolour embellishments for journalling with:
(Idea taken from a watercolour book on Amazon)
Our family bathroom is now my second artist's studio, lol.

And, (sorry, for the long post today, I'm making up for lost time!) I  also took some close up pictures of one of my son's Union Jack cub's badges.  I love the way you can see the stitches but wish my camera could get even closer.  My old (sadly broken) camera used to, I remember it taking a very detailed picture of my fingerprint!

Thanks very much for looking and for any comments,

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Carmen said...

Great tip and great find too - lovely calligraphy.

That badge picture is fabulous!

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